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Rhodes belongs to the Dodecanese archipelago. 

In the past, it was used to be a lot of stress for yacht sailors and motor yachts because of the few berths in the ancient harbor of Mandraki, but since 2016 the Rhodes Marina has been opened about 3 km away from the southeast port.

There are charter yachts from Mandraki and from the new marina, but hardly any catamarans.

The nearest Marina with charter yachts and Catamarans for charter is in the Kos Marina about 90 nm NW.

There are direct flights to Rhodes airport all year round, otherwise several times a day via Athens.

The airport of Rhodes is located about 20 km from the main town of Rhodes Town on the northeast coast of the island.

There are direct charter flights in winter, but you can definitely reach Rhodes twice a day via Athens.

Of course, the ferry serves 2-3 times a days from/to Athens also comes by every day.


The most famous islands of the Dodecanese are Rhodes, Kos and Samos.

In addition, the beautiful Symi is a mustsee and those interested in religion will also be familiar with the “Holy Island of Patmos”.

These and the other islands of the Dodecanese are explicitly described on their own page, there are tips and tricks for anchoring, mooring and Greek tavern culture!

The Eastern Greek Dodecanese Islands from north to south:

Samos, Phournoi (archipelago), Arki, Lipsi, Patmos, Leros, Kalymnos, Pserimos, Kos, Nisyros, Tilos, Symi, Chalki, Rhodes, Karpathos, Kastellorizon and Astipalaiia.

Although "Dodeka" = twelve and so "Dodecanese" means the "twelve" islands, there are also some smaller islets, each of which is subordinate to the nearby administrations (like a district in our country).

Yachts and catamarans can be chartered on Samos, Kalymnos, but especially from the marina in Kos and also from Rhodes.


If you see refugees in a boat approcahing to you or from east to west direction, you should immediately call the coast guard on CH 16 and request help for them, stating the exact position and number of people in need of help!

Do not take anyone on board - even in an apparent emergency!
Let out your life raft and the dinghy, provide drinks and perhaps some food and/or a life jacket.

The Coast Guard or a boat from the FRONTEX troops is always there quickly!

You should NEVER pick up someone and drive with them to the next port This will immediately end you in prison as you will then be suspected and accused of smuggling people!

Greek fishermen have already been imprisoned because it was assumed that this was a protective claim!

Horrible situation and affecting international sea laws, but it is suggested to care for own safety first - keep the legal situation in mind and as well, that not all people seemingly in need of help are "nice" and thankfull!!

Rhodes Port and Yacht Marina from satelllite


Anyone arriving in Rhodes from Turkey, which is only 22 nm away, MUST make the formal declaration for Greece.The authorities in Rhodes are often known for their particularly “accurate” and formal paperwork.


The new Rhodes Marina has been in operation since 2016 and has been under construction for many, many years.The prices for berths for yachts are exorbitantly high, but the large demand for boat berths can no longer be met by the small old port of Mandraki.

Here is a satellite image of the location of the new marina:



The new Rhodes Marina has been in operation since 2016 and has been under construction for many, many years.The prices for berths for yachts are exorbitantly high, but the large demand for boat berths can no longer be met by the small old port of Mandraki.



The building with the Immigration Police and Customs is located about 1 km from the harbor pier in Mandraki at the pier of the large ferries, which is about 10 minutes on foot.A crew list must be presented there and if there are non-EU members in the crew, they should appear there in person with ID and visa.You can also get the customs stamp here.Since 2019, a tax has been due when entering Greek waters, which is calculated based on the length of stay and the size of the ship.

The E-TEPAI has to be paid, sometimes customs is responsible and sometimes the Port Police is responsible.Who does what and when is regulated, but, as is often the case in Greece, it is not implemented that way.Details about the E-Tepai can be read here [click].

Rhodes old town and Mandraki pport yachtcharter available from Yachtango Yachtagency


Since Rhodes is very large, there is technical support for every need.
You can ask one of the yacht charter companies who can be contacted for a specific problem, or go to the shipyard about 1.5 km away.

In the Marina you can also receive qualified information and support so that you can call in craftsmen.
Spare parts can be obtained quickly from Athens.

If necessary, I will be happy to provide contact details for the right and reliable tradesman.(for my charter clients only)


Many yachts anchor in the outer harbor near Mandraki, which is not a problem given the prevailing wind conditions in summer, as you are lying to the lee of the harbor quay and the harbor wall.

Sailing yachts and catamarans find good grip on sand and rock bottom.

It is dangerous if you anchor there when there is an easterly or southerly wind, which can be particularly the case in winter, but also spring and autumn, or when there is an approaching Scirocco/Lodos.

The relevant harbor and bay guides describe the alternative bays nearby

.You shouldn't be fooled by the various "marinas" in the travel guides - they often mean bars or beaches, but not a "marina" in the sense of a harbor or bay that can be used for sailing yachts, motorboats or catamarans.

Link toRhodes Marina


The Port Police office is located on the other side of the harbor on the harbor promenade about 100m past the eye-catching cafes and the Hafenagora next to the courthouse.

According to information, from 2021 as a EU-citizen  you will no longer need DEKPA, you will only need to pay the E-Tepai-Tax.
Information and best practice here, pdf file [click]

Present your crew list at the start of the trip to the Port Police. If you chartered a bopat, your chartercompany did that already, so don´t worry.

The port fee for Mandraki is collected at the harbor entrance (car) (next to the small market). Payment for the marina is collected there.

Tip:for a place in Mandraki please ask me. (Information is only available for my charter customers, thank you)

Please note: Friday to Sunday lunchtime the berths are always occupied, as there is a crew change at the charter companies in Rhodes!

The whole procedure is matter-of-fact, sometimes seems a bit rough, but you shouldn't let it upset you, because afterwards you'll have peace and quiet