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Tilos is located halfway between Kos and Rhodes (south coast approx. 10 nm, Rhodes town approx. 20 nm).

Neighboring islands are Chalki in the south, Symi can be reached by boat after 37 nm to the east, and Nisyros is about 15 nm to the north.

The Kos Marina is about 35nm away.

Kardamena on Kos approx. 30nm by charter yacht.

The Turkish coast is also easily accessible by sailing yacht.

Tilos has managed to organize summer tourism in such a way that the charm of the island has been preserved.

In Leivada (Livadia) you will find small markets, a bakery, other shops and bars as well as taverns.

The former riverside road behind the stone-pebble beach was converted into a promenade and cars were banned.

The small hotels and restaurants there are very popular.

Nevertheless, Tilos is lively even in high season, but by no means overcrowded.

In addition to the main and port town of Leivada, there is also the fishing town of Agia Antonios in the north, the abandoned village of Mikro Chorio, and the main residential town of Tilos-Chorio.

There is a very large sandy beach on the southwest side, and there are various anchorages around the island. The monastery on the northwest corner is worth seeing (accessible by car)


Leivada is the name of the large, east-facing bay with the harbor town of the same name with around 10-15 berths for yachts.

There is also the ferry pier and behind it a small harbor facility with space for around 10-15 yachts and 3-4 yachts alongside.

There are sometimes moorings, so pay attention to the port marshal when entering!

The place has a few small shops for daily needs and a few restaurants. Electricity and water are available for an extra fee. You can also anchor freely in front of the beach at 3-10m, but the bottom is sandy with weeds and doesn't hold well everywhere - so make sure you drive in the anchor well, because yachts often find themselves on the beach. It's not just at Meltemi that strong gusts of wind blow down from the high mountain; a second anchor overnight makes sense.

Chalki - a lovely greek island


As on all Greek islands, the upper cluster of houses on Tilos, the Chorio, is the actual place of residence for the islanders, as they used to have better protection from pirates there.

From Tilos Chorio you can climb the fortress and have a wonderful panoramic view from there. Sturdy shoes required.
Sometimes you can visit the elefant museum, whose bones were found on Tilos.

Tilos island

Mikro Chorio on Tilos is the old part of the upper village that has been abandoned for decades. The abandoned houses have something picturesque about them, and a disco bar has been attracting guests here for many years who don't bother any of the neighbors. Mikro Chorio is located about 4 km from Livada and about 3 km from Chorio.

Tilos Mikro Chorio abandoned village

There is a small fruit shop right next to the jetty, followed by some very nice bars and taverns, which are populated in the evenings by country holidaymakers from their holiday homes. The predominantly sedate, older, English crowd vacations here.

You can get to the Port Police by walking through the streets, always "to the left", at the very other end of the bay is the port office.


On the west side of TIlos lies the large bay Eriston, which is open to the south, but has nice corners to be safe from northwesterly winds. It has a very  large sandy beach and has some very lonely anchorages in the front NW side. There is usually a lot of swell in front of the sandy beach, so it is only suitable as a swimming stop during the day. You can see Chorio and the fortress above.
There is a bus to Leivada.

The bays in the southwest of Eriston on the island of Tilos are rugged and inhospitable, but also very lonely and have their own charm, so one can try a real sailor´s experience.. The island of Antitilos, which lies in the southeast between Tilos and Chalki, has no anchorages.


There is an open ba on the very north of Tilos, with a few houses, a Taverna (npot always open), and a small fisehrmen´s port with 1,50-2.50 depth. 
It is accessible for boats with only little draught.

Others can drop the anchor behind the small peninsula below the wind-propeller - however- the anchor ground is not very good there, so make sure, your anchor is really set well.

In the distance one can see the vulcano island of Nisyros, te lighthouse on the corner of Knidos (Turkey) and the big island of Kos.

Eriston on Tilos with view to Megalo Chorio