Danger for Yachties in Greece

Lagocephalus sceleratus

Fugu Pufferfish


In Japan, the "Fugu" is a well known fish-delicatesse which is so dangerous to eat, that in Japan only specialized cooks are permitted to prepare that dish! The scientific name of that species is Lagocephalus sceleratus  [click, to read some more]

Wrong prepared, but as well already just by touching it´s skin, one can die in a very short time!

Since a few years, that dangerous and poisonous fish appeared in the mediterranean seas, too, and the Port Police warns to touch or eat that fish, if caught!

Dangerous and extremely poisonous Pufferfish in greek waters
be aware to catch a poisonous pufferfish in greek waters - don´t touch and don´t eat!!
Warning of greek Port Police about Pufferfish in greek waters

This fish is an aggressive predator, so it is pretty likely, that you may have it on the hook one day! 
It was seen on fish markets already too, offered by uninformed fishermen - so have an eye open, what kind of fish you may buy there!

But don´t worry, if you care whilst snorcheling, don´t touch it, there is no reason to be afraid of it!  If seen, inform the next Port Police station, so they may send experienced divers to locate end eliminate this dangerous fish population there.

see an amateur video about FUGU pufferfish as well called rabbit fish

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